It’s fast and easy to log in securely with Duo Push, the more secure method of two-factor authentication supported by Duo Mobile. With Duo’s single-tap, user-friendly interface, users can quickly verify their identity by approving push notifications before accessing applications. It’s just as quick to deny an unfamiliar login attempt, so users can easily stop fraudulent attempts to access company data. Like MFA, there are multiple ways to verify with 2FA (push notifications, biometrics, location, etc.) 2FA is often used in authenticator apps as well. All this said, 2FA is actually a type of MFA, but instead of using multiple factors of verification, 2FA only refers to MFA that uses single verification method added to a password or pin.

If that same user receives a Duo Mobile notification to verify a Salesforce login when they have made no login attempt themselves, they know that a bad actor is trying to access their data. When they open the 2FA app to view the notification, they then see that the login attempt came from Kraków, Poland. They now have the location of the bad actor and can immediately report the malicious behavior to their company’s administration. If you still experience issues with the Disk Encryption error displaying in Duo Mobile, even after completing the steps above, try to disable this setting and then re-enable it again.

Step 2: Connect your Google Account (optional)

Tap Approve in the notification to finish logging in to the Duo-protected application. Use your camera to scan the QR code shown by Duo Enrollment in your browser. If you’re prompted to allow Duo Mobile permission to take pictures and record video, please grant it. We’re always working to improve user experience in Duo Mobile. This update introduces various behind-the-scenes improvements and minor bug fixes to enhance your authentication experience.

To use Google Duo with the Contacts app, make sure you have version 2.1 and up. To use Google Duo with the Phone app, make sure you have version 13.0 and up. Google Duo calls any Google Home device you’re signed in to, like Smart Displays with Google Assistant. Make sure you have the latest version of the Duo app and Android 7.0 and up. Download your copy of our latest eBook to learn how you can combine MFA and SSO into a cohesive solution that’s an essential part of a zero trust environment that enhances business resilience. You can add or remove your Google Account from Duo at any time.

Try these next steps:

There are multiple ways to verify with MFA (push notifications, biometrics, location, etc.). MFA is often used in authenticator apps to support other factors of verification, or by itself. In short, MFA is simply 2 or more verification methods added to a password or pin. Duo Mobile supports multiple authentication controls — from push notifications, to biometrics, to passcodes — while maintaining a consistent, intuitive user login experience. Allow your users to choose the method that best meets their needs and easily update their preferences at any time. A 2FA mobile app is a smartphone application that helps users log on to other apps with more security.

We help keep companies safer than ever before with minimal downtime and optimized productivity. By providing a security score of users’ devices, Security Checkup empowers users to maintain the security hygiene of their mobile devices via Duo Mobile notifications. This feature is available on iOS and Android through Duo Mobile.

Zero Trust Security

This can happen because some Android device manufacturers will set a default password to encrypt the phone. Although your phone might say it’s encrypted, technically it isn’t fully encrypted until you set your own PIN/password/pattern at startup via your phone’s settings. Encrypting with your own password is the most secure option.

Now you’re able to respond to Duo Push authentication requests, or generate passcodes to log in to applications. Duo Mobile can also generate time-based one-time (TOTP) passcodes that users can type into their login prompt to complete the two-factor authentication process. Duo Mobile also supports fingerprint verification for Duo Push-based logins as an additional layer of security to verify your user identity. If you’re using a device with a fingerprint reader you’ll need to scan your finger each time you authenticate via Duo Mobile (if required by your administrator). From an end user standpoint, using a 2FA mobile application is a simple but important part of securely accessing data.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

If you made a mistake or the login isn’t suspicious, tap No to deny the request without reporting it. To add additional accounts to Duo mobile, tap Add in the upper right of your accounts list to go to the account type selector. If you’re not able to scan your fingerprint using the sensor you can also approve thermometer for freezer with app the Duo authentication request using the device’s passcode (the same one you use on the Android lock screen). It’s a good idea to take a few minutes to practice approving and denying Duo authentication requests if you haven’t used Duo before. Tap Practice now to go through some training screens like this one.

If you choose to authenticate with Duo Push, you’ll get a login request sent to your phone — just press Approve to authenticate. To see which version of Duo Mobile is installed on your device, go to the Android Settings menu, tap Apps, then scroll down and tap Duo Mobile. Here’s your chance to secure all of your critical attack vectors — email, web traffic and credential theft. Know the health of every device accessing your applications, managed or not.

Simple, quick, painless, just one suggestion 🙂

Quickly and securely verify user trust with every access attempt. Download Duo Mobile for iPhone or Duo Mobile for Android – they both support Duo Push, passcodes and third-party TOTP accounts. Duo Mobile’s Security Checkup verifies device settings against Duo’s recommended security settings, and lets you know if any of your device’s settings don’t match.

If you feel comfortable using Duo Mobile to log in to applications you can tap Skip. Enter the code shown on your screen into Duo Mobile and tap Verify to approve the login request. <--more--> Duo Mobile’s dark theme depends on your Android system settings. If your device has the system-wide dark setting enabled, Duo Mobile automatically switches to dark theme.

Solutions for Every Security Goal

If you already use Duo on another device with your Google Account, sign in with the same account to finish setup. If you’re using your Chromebook at work or school, you might not be able to use the Duo app.

Duo has been upgraded to Meet as your one app for video calling and meetings. The Duo Mobile App helps users take an active role in protecting their accounts. Enter a new name for the account and then tap Save to apply the new name. Tap on any detected issue to learn more about that particular setting and how you can update your device with the recommended configuration. If your phone is running Android 13 or later, you may need to enable Duo Push notifications.

Duo for Enterprise

Scan the QR code with your camera to add the account to Duo Mobile. If the account is for a Duo-protected service or application (meaning you enrolled this device into Duo and activated the app for Duo Push), then the passcode shown is valid until used. Provide your users with the ability to back up and restore their Duo Mobile app with Duo Restore.

To proceed with adding your initial Duo account to Duo Mobile, tap Use a QR code. To enable a second notification, warning when there are e.g. 10 seconds to verify before it the request is dropped. Streamline user authentication for an uninterrupted access experience for your workforce. Follow Duo’s journey in bringing this new capability to market by clicking below. Provide simpler, safer access with just one username and password.


Tap Yes to notify your organization’s Duo administrator or tap No if you made a mistake or the login isn’t suspicious. Tapping on the push request notification itself (instead of tapping the notification actions) takes you to the full Duo Push screen in Duo Mobile. If you get a login request that you weren’t expecting, press Deny to reject the request. If you aren’t trying to log into an application or service protected by Duo and don’t recognize the request, tap Yes to notify your organization’s Duo administrator.

Duo considers your device encrypted when you enable password, PIN, or pattern authentication at startup. Without this setting, your device encryption is less secure, and you might not be able to access Duo-protected services or applications. If you are logging in to a Duo-protected application, but you aren’t receiving an expected Duo Push authentication request, try closing Duo Mobile and reopening it. Duo Mobile checks for pending push requests whenever it’s opened. If this doesn’t fix it, see the Duo Knowledge Base for additional Android troubleshooting steps.

Passwordless in the Enterprise

After a 2FA app has been properly installed onto a user’s device, be it a personal device or company-managed device, they then can enroll their individual logins in the service. You can also perform third-party account recovery if you previously opted-in to third-party account restore. Start the account recovery process by tapping I have existing accounts on the Duo Mobile welcome screen.

Two-factor authentication is a type of tool used to verify an online user’s identity. There are a variety of different types of second factors, or ways to verify said user’s identity. For instance, some 2FA apps require users to verify their identities with their fingerprints, or biometrics. Other 2FA apps utilize push notifications, accurate thermometer app which require identity verification with a non-biometric tap of the screen. Some 2FA apps, like Duo Mobile, combine location-based identity verification with push verification, sending users a reading of their location and the option to tap the screen to confirm. You’ll see your newly-added Duo account in the accounts list.

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